Tips for Improve Your Swimming Techniques

swimmingSwimming is a form of exercise that burns a lot of calories, increases your cardiovascular fitness levels, improves your muscular endurance and strength, does not impact the joints due to the water supporting your weight, refreshes and cools you in hot weather, and which can be done safely even in old age. There is historical evidence of human beings swimming since millennia. For instance, there are cave drawings dating from the Stone Age, depicting people swimming. Swimming is also mentioned in the Bible as well as in the Greek epics, the Iliad and the Odyssey, which date back 1500-2000 years. Four swimmers performing the crawl have also been shown in ancient clay seals of Egypt, dating from 4000 BC. In fact, humans are born with the inherent ability to swim. Some families are even befriending the idea of giving their babies swimming lessons!

The safety of such an exercise cannot be assured. However, as far as older children or adults are concerned, swimming is a great way to exercise, to spend leisurely time, and also to pursue as a competitive

Best Extreme Sports

extreme sportThe sport activities that involve a significant amount of risk to life and include speed, great heights, or physical exertion are classified under the group of extreme sports. These sports are characterized by an element of thrill and excitement. Stunts and dangerous feats also fall under this category. Sports enthusiasts enjoy participating in such thrilling activities. Those of the daring type take part in all types of adventure sports for that adrenaline rush, while safe-players prefer watching them. In general, extreme sports have reached far and wide and have become popular among the youngsters today.

The advancement in technology became one of the important reasons behind the emergence of extreme sports. Perhaps, the absence of the risk factor, rather the adventure element in daily living generates the need for adventure, which is best met through extreme sports. People began to engage in extreme sports mainly for the thrill involved and in some cases, also for publicity. The emergence of extreme sports can be traced back to the 18th century. They have come a long way and have

Tips for buy Buy Walking Shoes

walking-shoesWhile you shop for regular shoes, having a pair that not only looks great on your feet, but also offers comfort while you wear it is quite essential. Understanding the basics of buying the best walking shoes will ensure that you pick the perfect piece. So are you wondering what makes a pair of footwear best suitable for walking? Here are some tips that will help you understand how to buy walking shoes. There are just a few factors that you need to consider for having the best shoes on your feet.

Pick the Right Walking Shoes

Regular or Orthopedic
The first thing to be considered is whether you have any foot problem that requires use of orthopedic footwear. Orthopedic footwear is an effective solution for various foot problems. Moreover, you have an array of options in such specialty footwear in the market today. So, first consider whether you need to opt for orthopedic shoes or regular footwear and shop accordingly.

Try Them for Right Fit and Comfort
The right fit is the key to have footwear that does not hurt even

Tips Finding Walking Shoes

Do you remember having a shoe fight with your little brother for being naughty and pooping in his pants on purpose, when the nanny was out and you had to become the virtual nanny and do the clean up? Do you have the slightest reminiscence of the shoes you wore when you went jogging, taking your poodle for a stroll or just gardening in your backyard? Well, I am sure you do remember the shoes that you wore when you indulged in all the activities mentioned above. The prime reason of you remembering the pair with glaring clarity is because you always flashed the same pair for all occasions.

The concept of universal-use-shoes has been scrapped and in comes the occasion where there are shoes meant for each activity. The era of specificity has finally had its influx. There are a variety of shoes that are meant to deliver comfort and facilitate your efficiency levels so that you may deliver your best shot in whichever activity you cherish. So, what is that you must look out for, in order to pick the right pair for yourself?

Useful Tips to Select Walking Shoes

  • In order buy the best walking shoes that simply

Tips Play Volleyball

Learning the most basic techniques in volleyball will improve your ability to excel at this sport. Volleyball is an easy game to understand, but it is not that easy to master. You will need lots of practice with experienced players, and you will need to develop complete understanding of all the techniques required to play this game.

There are mainly 6 aspects of the game that you will need to focus on individually, and all of these have their own methods and intricacies. You need to focus your attention on serving, setting, passing, hitting, blocking, and digging. Explaining the techniques is pretty simple, but to actually put them into practice is a different matter altogether.

Remember, the key to mastering any sport is practice, practice, and more practice. Even those who excel at the highest level in their sport keep practicing day-in and day-out till they retire, which is what makes them the best. Now moving on to what we are here for, here is what it takes to excel in this exciting game.


When you are serving, you need to consider the height for tossing the ball, the amount of bend your elbow carries, and the force with which you hit the

Tips for Crossover Dribble in Basketball

In basketball, both the teams playing are always on the lookout for the opportunity to outsmart one another. With combining or using a single maneuver (move), the players try to make each basket count. Out of the sides, offense and defense, there are teams who play a stronger side out of the two. Some say that the defense is better and can give a team the necessary strength at the time of an intense game. Now this doesn’t mean that offense doesn’t require tactics and quickness from a player. In fact, offense takes more thought, strategy, and sharpness from any team. Of course, there are various moves which players try to maneuver around the defense players; and out of these moves, a crossover dribble is one of them. Today, we are going to learn a bit about this simple, yet smart move that can actually leave your opponents baffled.

Tips to Keep in Mind

  • Now that you are aware of what you, as the offense player, need to do to execute a successful crossover dribble, why don’t see some important tips and tricks that will help you pick up this maneuver.
  • You need

Best Walking Shoes

What do you consider when you’re out shoe shopping? A majority will consider the looks of the shoes first, the brand, and then maybe the comfort level. Though, it may not be the same with everyone. Choosing walking shoes is not as easy as just visiting a shoe shop and picking up one. Let us see what are the essential requirements to get that perfect walking shoe.

Recommending the best walking shoes may not be an appropriate advice, because it totally depends upon the feet of an individual and what he/she is looking for. Mentioned below are a few considerations which will help you find a pair of good walking shoes for yourself.

Qualities of Best Walking Shoes

  • Comfort is the basic. No matter what shoe you choose, be it for occasional wear, casuals or formals, running, gym etc. it must be comfortable and you must be able to walk with ease.
  • It must be light in weight. It is probably one of the most basic requirements of a walking shoe. The reason why it must be light in weight is simple. Since you will walk with it, you want it to be an effortless activity and the product must enhance walking. It must

Tps for Hit a Baseball

Every baseball team needs good hitters lined up in their squad. Hitting the ball squarely is not as easy and it seems, and takes a lot of practice and hard work to develop.

Forward Swing

The action of forward swing should start with the rotation of the hips. The hips need to rotate in the direction towards the pitcher. Hand movement (bat swing) should be initiated after this action is completed. The bat should be moved directly towards the ball without any kind of uppercut or loop. The purpose of making any hand swing after hip rotation is that, the batter gets options to hit the ball in different directions. It also becomes easy to play the ball depending on its pitch.

Stance and Stride

A comfortable stance with shoulder-width distance between the legs needs to be maintained before taking the stride. The knees remain slightly bent in this stance. The bat should be held comfortably, and the hands maintained at shoulder height. A forward stride taken by the batter should be about 2 – 3 inches in distance. The head has to be kept level in order to view the ball properly. For those who

Tips for Swimming Techniques

In this technique, the torso doesn’t rotate and head remains out of the water for most of the time. Although, the breaststroke technique doesn’t allow the swimmer to move quickly, it is however, known to provide great amount of stability. The breaststroke is taught to those who are new to swimming. Mastering this technique at the professional level is however, not an easy job. Hand movement in the breaststroke resembles a sweeping motion, while the legs move like a frog kick. This technique has been improved by professional swimmers through the use of hips and abdominal muscles in powering the ‘frog kick’. The ‘frog kick’ is also known as ‘whip kick’ because the legs are stroked like a whip during the breaststroke. Many find this kick i.e. leg movements difficult to master. For this, it is advisable to practice the kick on the edge of the swimming pool. It allows the swimmer to focus properly on the kick. As regards the sweeping movement of hands, one should keep in mind that the arms mustn’t be pulled too wide. Also the shoulder and neck should be kept in a relaxed state which in turn aids the movement of arms.

Tips for Play Badminton

Well, let’s get to the basics first. Badminton is a game played with a racket and a shuttlecock (known as shuttle birdie in some parts of the world), between two or four players. It was introduced into the Olympics in 1992 as men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles, and mixed doubles. Badminton is an indoor game. There are several similarities between badminton and tennis; and also an equal number of differences. However, playing badminton is considered easier than tennis; though many will disagree. Here is brief information about playing badminton that will be helpful for beginners.

Badminton Tips for Beginners

Apart from the racket and the birdie, there are several other terms used in badminton that you need to be aware of before beginning to play. The movement of the birdie is affected by the wind, and hence, badminton is always played indoors. Similarly, the most basic thing to remember is to use proper technique and strength to hit the shuttle back, and score points. Now that you know the terms, let us see how to play and score in badminton.


  • The professional game of badminton is a match of best of three games. A

Tips Tennis for Beginners

To begin with, let’s start with some basic tennis rules for beginners. Tennis is played between two opponents (called a singles match) or four opponents (called a doubles match). These opponents play on a marked surface called a tennis court, which is divided into equal halves by a net. Tennis rackets are used to hit the ball from one part of the court to another, and the scoring system makes use of games, which are won to win a set, and then sets to win the match.

Before we discuss the way scoring works, remember that tennis can be played on a number of surfaces, including grass and clay. The way the ball moves on a given surface greatly influences the game, and a good player takes this into account when competing or planning a strategy. Basic tennis rules are fairly easy to understand and master, and once you get the hang of the method of scoring, it’s simple enough to keep pace with the game. The following are some basic rules of tennis for beginners to get you started.

Beginner Tennis Rules

Tennis rules and regulations enlist number of ways to refer to the position of the game.

Tips for Play Bumper Pool

Lovers of billiards, snooker, and pool now have a new game known simply as Bumper Pool to indulge in. The game is similar to, yet vastly different from, regular pool. The biggest difference is the presence of only 2 pockets on the table, compared to the 6 pockets that are present on conventional pool tables. The other differentiating factor is the presence of cushions, or bumpers, in the middle of the table.

How to Play Bumper Pool
In order to start the game, both players line up their balls. One of these balls, for both the sides will have a dot on it, and both players must hit the dotted ball at the same time. The objective is to put it into the opposite pocket by banking it off the side railing. The player who pots the ball in the pocket gets to start. If both players missed the shot, the player whose ball is closer to the pocket starts the game. Now each player will take turns to shoot, and whoever can pocket all his balls first will win the game.

The game requires skill with a cue stick, and it is more than just blindly hitting

Tips for Golf Swing

Incorporating a correct technique while swinging the club is important in the game of golf. One has to maintain proper body posture too in the process. Here is how you should go about this.

Tips for Beginners
Rhythm is an important factor in the success achieved by a particular swing. One should take a brief pause after the backswing, so as to get into rhythm.
One might get confused about how to swing in the breeze. The proper technique is not to hit ball harder, but lower than usual. Using a longer club also helps in swinging the ball when there is a breeze.
Maintaining the balance of the feet is very important. On can practice swinging the ball by keeping the feet close together.
Keeping the right knee in a firm position is also important to consider.

The Grip

  • In the overlapping grip, the little finger of the right hand overlaps the index finger of the left hand. It is one of the most commonly used grips by male golfers. One should have strong wrists in order to swing the club with this grip.
  • The baseball grip is similar to the overlapping grip; however, the index (left

Tips for Playing Billiards

Every game has its set of rules and regulations, and they have to be followed. Billiards is no exception to this rule. Then there is the style of the masters of the game which gives a whole new dimension to these rules. Of course, they do not bend the rules, but they play so well, that it might lead to forming a new rule! I think the secret of their success lies in the intricate and minute techniques of the game they have imbibed in themselves. Billiards is a cue sport, where balls are hit on a table with a cue stick, with the intention of pocketing them. This article is dedicated to those who want some tips, and take a ‘cue’ from them.

Tips for Playing Billiards

Here are some basic tips.

  • Develop, if possible, a pre-shot routine, which will ensure that you get the same lineup every time.
  • Considering that you are right-handed, the angle between your upper and lower arm should be 90 degrees at the point of contact of the cue tip with the ball.
  • This is very minute but important―your right foot should be exactly below your right hand.
  • Throughout a stroke, the bridge hand, the right

Tips for Play the Straight Drive in Cricket

Close your eyes for a couple of seconds, and imagine yourself in the shoes of a batsman walking in to bat, with the scoreboard reading 20 for 2. An absolute pressure-cooker situation; with the fielding side all pumped up, and a tearaway fast bowler steaming in to bowl what could quite possibly be a brute of a first delivery to you.

Butterflies… lots and lots of butterflies in the stomach, is what you’re going to be experiencing as you mark your guard to face the speedster. It won’t matter if you’ve scored a mammoth hundred in your previous outing, or if you were dismissed first ball. It never does. Every innings is a brand new beginning. You have to start from ball one all over again.

Now unless you’re in the form of your life, it’s pretty normal to find yourself a bit tentative early on with both, your foot movement as well as your stroke play. You’ve just arrived at the crease and you need to get a feel of the conditions out there in the middle. You need to assess how the pitch is behaving, the way the ball is (or isn’t!) coming onto the bat, whether there

Tips Play Bowling

Bowling is a very popular indoor sporting activity. There exist a myriad of leagues and competitions for dexterous bowlers to demonstrate their expertise. When a bowler knocks down all the pins, it is called a ‘strike’. If all the pins are knocked down on the second try, it is termed as a spare.

Bowling Tips
The following are a few important bowling tips. Again, if you are left-handed, replace right with left, and vice versa.
Line-up towards the left of and close to the center dot.

The knees have to be kept slightly bent, and the ball must be held upwards.
For a straight throw, the thumb has to point towards 12 O’clock, and the other fingers have to be straight.
For a curve or hook, the thumb must be at the 10 O’clock position.
Take a step forward with the left foot, then the right foot, and again the left foot. Further, the right foot must be placed behind the left foot, and moved towards the left.
When the ball is brought backwards, the body has to be straight, and should not be between the ball and arrows.
The follow-through of the arm must move towards the

Tips for Buy a Tennis Racket

If you are planning to take tennis lessons or play tennis for exercise, first of all, you need to buy a tennis racket that works for you. There are a number of different rackets available today. It is hard to pick one, especially if you have no idea about what difference the various racket features will make to your game. You could really benefit by picking the right grip size, weight and head size.

Grip Size

The grip size of your racket will make a difference to how you play. If you want to keep your elbows, hand and wrist in place you should consider this factor very carefully. The grip size of your racket can be measured with a ruler starting with the middle crease of your palm up to the tip of your ring finger. Remember that a grip that is too big or too small can cause elbow problems in the process, possibly leading to tennis elbow. Not only that, it can also strain the muscles of your hand.

Head Size

As for the head size, for the beginners, it will be more favorable to have a large head size racket

Tips Dribbling in Basketball

For an aspiring player, dribbling is one of the most important things to master before he can take his game to the next level. Dribbling drills are devised, so as to give the player a better degree of control of the ball.

The best basketball players in the world are expert dribblers, and they build their skills over time with a lot of practice and training. They literally spend hours each and every day practicing their dribbling in order to get better at the game. Of course, the skills that count in the game are passing, shooting, and scoring; but if no one in your team can dribble the ball, how will you penetrate the opposition’s defenses?

Useful Tips
Dribbling skills are all about building momentum and rhythm in your movements, and ensuring that you have a fluid and steady movement. Before we get into a few dribbling techniques, here are some tips for a beginner.
Always keep your head up while dribbling.
Try to keep a low center of gravity.
Try to protect the ball with your body. You can do this by shifting your body between the defender and the ball.
Dribble with a purpose, not just for

Tips for Play Basketball

Did You Know?
The game of basketball was invented over a hundred and twenty years ago by Dr. James Naismith, who was a physical trainer at a YMCA center in the United States. It was raining outside, and he did not want his gym class to sit idle. So after a few thoughts and ideas, he came up with the game of basketball.

Basketball Tips
~Always shoot with both the hands. Using a single hand may look very fancy, but it is best to use both the hands for better control.

~It is very important to learn to dribble the ball without actually looking at the ball. Repetition is the key to improve your shooting.

~Lastly, quality training equipment will make the difference in your game.

Similarly, when the ball is present with the opponent team, then all the team members of your team are on the defense. The goal here is to stop the other team from shooting the ball into your team’s basket, and also to steal the ball from them so you can again attack and score.

While on the offense, you can pass on the ball either via dribble or passing. Bouncing the ball

How to Buying Badminton Set

A Badminton set is one of the most popular sporting goods. Badminton is supposedly one of the most played outdoor games in the world. Badminton is a game in which you need not have any professional training to play. Whether it is a picnic or a small family outing a badminton set is your companion for a day of fun.

A badminton kit usually has 5 things. A pair of rackets, shuttlecocks, badminton string, badminton shoes and badminton accessories like jerseys, shorts and caps. Things like badminton shoes and jerseys are included in the sets to make them different from the common badminton sets. Prices of these kits vary according to the brand of products and number of items.

Badminton sets come in different shapes and sizes. First of all one needs to know what is the equipment needed for making a badminton set. Badminton is a racket game and thus badminton rackets are the most important and indispensable part of the set.

The next thing which must be there in a badminton kit is a shuttlecock and of course the net. Without the shuttlecock and the net there cannot be any game of badminton.